When to Call a Florida Insurance Dispute Attorney about a Storm Damage Claim

If you’ve spent any significant time in Florida, you know that it’s just a matter of time before a tropical storm damages homes in some part of the state. You probably also know that many home and business owners have problems getting payments from the insurance companies after their property has been damaged.

Unfortunately, experiencing difficulties in resolving storm damage claims is common in Florida. Many home and business owners complain that their insurance providers have delayed paying them by repeatedly requesting more information and documentation. Others complain that their insurance company significantly underpaid their claims, while still others say their claims have been unfairly denied for various reasons.

As attorneys who specialize in Florida insurance claim disputes, we’ve heard these kinds of complaints for many years, and thankfully, have been able to help clients obtain the payments they need to repair their damaged homes or businesses and replace necessary items. If you’re having difficulty communicating with your insurance company about a claim or have had a claim delayed, underpaid or denied, please call the experienced Florida Insurance Dispute attorneys.


Delayed Florida Storm Damage Claims

After a storm has passed, the crisis often continues for months and months as people struggle to deal with their insurance company, assessors, and the claims process. The process of getting storm damage assessed, filing a claim, and submitting the required documentation can be exhausting and frustrating. To make matters worse, insurance company representatives aren’t in any hurry to help policyholders settle their claims.

It’s also not uncommon for insurers to engage in overt delay tactics, repeatedly requesting more documentation of the damage even after you’ve submitted a complete claim. They do this to try to induce claimants to settle for less than what they really need to repair the damage to their homes or businesses, since after months and months of waiting for payments, many claimants just want the struggle to be over so they can move on with their lives.


Underpaid or Denied Claims

Many legitimate claims are also underpaid or denied. Policies are full of ambiguities that the insurance companies can interpret in their favor to exclude the damage from coverage. They might claim the property wasn’t maintained well, and that’s why the damage occurred. They might claim the cost of repair or replacement falls within your deductible, so they are not responsible for paying anything. They might claim they will only pay a small percentage of the repair or replacement cost of the roof, for example, because of how old it is.

Regardless of what they claim, you have a right to a clear explanation for the denial, and you have the right to appeal their decision. If the explanation does not seem legitimate or if your appeal does not work in your favor, you also have the right to get help from an attorney who will fight for your rights.


Help from Experienced Florida Insurance Claim Dispute Attorneys

If a storm damage claim hasn’t been settled satisfactorily, you should talk with an experienced Florida insurance claim dispute attorney as soon as possible.  Insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying policyholders what they need to make repairs and replace damaged goods. With an experienced, knowledgeable insurance claim dispute attorney advocating for you, you can cut through a lot of red tape and get the payment you deserve.

Our insurance claim dispute attorneys have helped many Florida insurance policyholders get paid fairly for storm damage.  We know how disruptive this damage can be and will do whatever it takes to help you get the payment you need.

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